As he finishes up his senior year at CSU Dominguez Hills, Oakland native C5 has returned with his second and final volume of the Dorm Flow collection, “Dorm Flow 2“. The project consists of 14 songs, 3 skits (skit from Home Grown Radio of Real 92.3), and all original production from up and coming producers that he works with closely. One of the associate producers being Keyel, who works closely with Interscope’s artist Boogie.  C5 wanted to manifest and demonstrate both his versatility, and self-sufficiency through the use of melodic hooks and varied flows, with no guest features on the project. The young and humble lyricist discusses balancing his workload, life experiences, working to positively impact the youth, and establishing his brand. He describes the project as being very motivational, personal, and relatable to a wide audience. Dorm Flow 2 is now available on Soundcloud for stream and/or iTunes for purchase.




Dorm Flow 2 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMXb45LkQL4

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“God blessed me with a voice to deliver, so I’m telling my story.” C5 is an intricate lyricist who uses his craft to speak about his experiences that led him to where he is today. As a young creative, growing up in Oakland, CA was a tough battle he fought every day. Being surrounded by negative influences led C5 to make wrong decisions and almost destroyed his future. However, after being accepted into Dominguez Hills in the Los Angeles area, his life immediately took a turn in the right direction and he began his journey in search for a positive environment filled with blessings and inspiration.

The avid recorder also endeavors in a plethora of activities aside from music. He’s currently a full time student at CSUDH, an intern at multiple companies, CEO of Dorm Flow®, and an academic mentor at middle schools in South Central, LA. “I just want to be the best role model I can for the youth so they wont have to undergo the same adversity I did.”

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